Microsoft just released a document detailing the new features and updates to SharePoint 2010 in their soon to be released Service Pack 1 update that should be available today at 9AM PST (Tuesday June 28). Here is a rundown of these changes:

  • SP1 will add support for SQL server code named ‘Denali’ (Future SQL Server Editions (Microsoft Site)) which is essentially SQL Server 2011.
    Some of the top new features that will be included in SQL ‘Denali’ are listed here: Top 9 New Features of SQL Server Denali.
  • SP1 brings a new functionality called Shallow Copy, which essentially lets you move a site to a different content database without having to move all the Remote Blob storage content. The links will get updated to point to the existing external storage locations. This will significantly increase the migration speed in a large site collection. Note: This feature requires the use of Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 Remote Blob Store.
  • SP1 adds a site recycle bin so site collections and sites can be recovered after an accidental deletion. The process is similar to the existing recycle bin features that were already available in SharePoint.
  • The Storage Space Allocation page (StorMan.aspx) has been reintroduced in SP1 with an improved version of StorMan.aspx that displays better information to the end users with regards to their quota information. The StorMan.aspx functionality was present in past SharePoint versions but was removed from SharePoint 2010.
  • Filter values can now be passed from one filter to the next in PerformancePoint Services
  • SP1 now adds support for Internet Explorer 9 in Internet Explorer 8 Standards Mode and also adds support for Google Chrome.
  • The SP1 update includes all the fixes that were released in past cumulative updates from RTM until April 2011.
  • The following are three new Powershell commands that are being introduced in SP1:
    • Get-SPDeletedSite
    • Remove-SPDeletedSite
    • Restore-SPDeletedSite
  • The Move-SPSite Powershell command has been updated to add the Shallow Copy parameter (RBSProviderMapping)

The complete release information is available from Microsoft here.