Many people made SharePoint WCM Publishing sites and forgot to test it from a computer external to their network where the site would not be recognized in the trusted zone of Internet Explorer. This led to many sites displaying the dreaded yellow ActiveX bar for name.dll.

This can easily be fixed directly in your master page by using the following Javascript block placed right before the closing </head>  tag:

<script type="text/javascript">
function ProcessImn(){}
function ProcessImnMarkers(){}	

This will override internal javascript functions with blank functions that will prevent the loading of the presence indication dll.

SharePoint 2010 also has this same issue but also has a web application level fix that can be applied using the following steps:

  1. In central administration, click Manage Web Applications under the Application Management title
  2. Select your site’s web application in the list
  3. Click the General Settings ribbon button
  4. Scroll down and set the following option to No and save the settings.

Either method will make sure no more popup gets displayed on your site but my preference is the masterpage javascript method. This method allows you to deploy this as a feature and you would not need a manual change of the web application settings.

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